by Charles Eisenstein

The Age of Separation, the Age of Reunion, and the convergence of crises that is birthing the transition

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Read by Lyn Gerry for the Unwelcome Guests radio show, this audio version of The Ascent of Humanity comprises some 40 hours of mp3 files.  I am not charging money for this audio book. If you would like to give me a gift in appreciation, you can do it on the voluntary payment page.

The files are listed below, ordered chapter by chapter. Click on one to download it. You can also download a .zip file of the entire audiobook, or listen to it on SoundCloud.

Chapter by Chapter Downloads
1.1 Gee Whiz — The Future!
1.2 Utopia Postponed
1.3 The Addiction to Control
1.4 From Separation to Boredom
1.5 From Boredom to Anxiety
2.1 The Biological Origins of Self
2.2 Fire and Stone
2.3 Labeling the World
2.4 Mathematics and Measure
2.5 Keeping Time
2.6 Images of Images
2.7 The Marvelous Piraha
2.8 Cultivation and Culture
2.9 The Machine
2.10 Religion and Ritual
2.11 The Playful Universe
3.1 The Scientific Method
3.2 My Personal Age of Reason
3.3 Masters of the Universe
3.4 The Quest of Certainty
3.5 Reducing Reality
3.6 The Ghost in the Machine
3.7 The Origin of Life
3.8 Alone in the Universe
4.1 The Realm of Me and Mine
4.2 Alone in a Crowd
4.3 The Anonymous Power
4.4 Social Capital
4.5 Cultural Capital
4.6 Natural Capital
4.7 Spiritual Capital
4.8 Money and the Good
4.9 The Economics of Other
4.10 Interest and Self-interest
4.11 The Crisis of Capital
5.1 The Total Depravity of Man
5.2 The Winners and the Losers
5.3 Life and Death
5.4 Yes and No
5.5 The Pressure to Break Free
5.6 Molding Minds
5.7 The Great Indoors
5.8 Life under Contract
5.9 The War on Germs
5.10 The War on Suffering
5.11 Life in the Playpen
6.1 The End of Objectivity
6.2 Truth without Certainty
6.3 Order without Design
6.4 The Nature of Purpose
6.5 The Purpose of Nature
6.6 Life without a Replicator
6.7 The Community of Life
6.8 The Genetic Plenum
7.1 The Convergence of Crises
7.2 The Currency of Cooperation
7.3 The Restorative Economy
7.4 The Age of Water
7.5 Technologies of Reunion
7.6 Work and Art United
7.7 Back to Play
7.8 The Medicine of Interbeingness
7.9 The Spirit of the Gift
7.10 Storyteller Consciousness
7.11 In Love with the World
8.1 Human Nature Restored
8.2 The Fall
8.3 The Perinatal Matrix
8.4 The Gaian Birthing
8.5 Eulogy and Redemption
8.6 At Play beside the Tower
Creative Commons Non-Commercial Copyright2008 Charles Eisenstein